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Tuna Fish

Tuna seafood is particularly delicious, very tonic eye, are processed into a variety of delicious food and create a source of export value.


Scad is used as the main raw material for many favorite dishes such as coconut porridge pompano, pompano fishing greased baking, salad lettuce pompano, pompano tea leaves warehouse, warehouse with me pompano, pompano coffee warehouse


Sardines with silvery white, fleshy, bony ossicles but crushed. Dishes from this fish is rich in nutrients, beneficial to health.


Anchovy is a very good source of protein, omega-3 fat type, niacin and minerals is very high.

Founded on 27-2-2009, Muoi Tuyen Co., Ltd. has become one of the leading organization dedicated to providing products in the field of marine.

With a total workforce of over 70 highly qualified people, Muoi Tuyen Co., Ltd. ensure product quality according to the best standards. The company currently consists of 2 workshops procurement and supply fresh ingredients for canners.

Business Scope
  • Specialist procurement and supply of raw materials for fish canning company.
  • Wholesale and retail fresh food.
  • Accommodation services, restaurants and mobile food.
  • Transport of passengers and goods by road for hire of motor vehicles, container trucks.
  • Warehousing and storage facilities: cold storage seafood...
  • Rental of machinery, equipment and other tangible goods.


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